Florida Tour Sampler 2014

by Ye Flask

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The first single off of our upcoming record with two high-quality demos from another studio.


released March 28, 2014

Performed by Ye Flask.
Produced at LedBelly Sound by Matt Washburn.



all rights reserved


Ye Flask Canton, Georgia

Founded in 2011, Ye Flask has been breaking ground all around Atlanta with their eclectic mix of indie rock, 90s alternative, funk, and ska. They're currently currently recording their debut album "Daydreams and Nightmares" which is due for release at the end of 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Daydream
Just a dream at night, nothing but a hazy thought,
Was inspired, now it's gone
Now I see it, now I get it, make a brand new plan
Just do what you're told
Putting your best work around your class notes,
Daydream it all away
I've been waiting, contemplating
I've been wasting time

I've been counting all the days ('till I feel like I'm at home)
I've been stressed in every way
Wake up, I missed a call, go to sleep it doesn't matter
Wold keeps spinning anyway

Just a dream at night, nothing but a hazy thought
Stretch the night a little more
'Cause I found my escape through ever changing hideaways
To forge my perfect world
'Cause this is like a novel, written by an author
Who didn't give much thought
With all the hype and interviews, movie deals and photo shoots
there's no room for a plot
Track Name: Scratching
Scratching away at my years to come
Don't know where I'm going next,
Just need to find a place, in the greater scheme of things
Sooner better than later

Too many grey hairs already
Stressed my way through too many days

Yeah, I'm just a young kid
With too much time on my hands
Thinking without doing very much
'Cause those movies lie to you
Not gonna find your place so easily, no

Made plenty of decisions I'm not proud of
Not too late to take them back
Just feels like i'm staying put
With everyone going around me faster, faster

Already Started to feel old and jaded
to everything I've looked forward to


Trying too hard to grow up
'Cause I panic when I don't know what to say
And what I think and what I do, never quite seem too aligned
But the space between gets closer every day

Starting to see it isn't so bad
Finding my own reasoning

Want you to know what you thought that you ended
Started my life up again

Track Name: Bad Scene
Thirty people in a room
Twenty Eight too many
Thirty people in a room
One is all he needs

And when he found her he lead her out

"What are you doing?"
I know what I'm going and I'll be alright
"You know this won't end well for you."
I don't care, I'll be fine

And he asked himself "What's wrong with me?"
Nothing's wrong with me, I'm just setting myself up to fail
Nothing knew here,
I'm just doing what I know

One person in a room
One person short
One person in a room......

And he remembers words of a friend


"Just go home"
I'll be fine