The Best We Could Do

by Ye Flask

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Ye Flask's first EP. Includes four demo tracks, an acoustic set, and a few bonus traxx!


released July 16, 2012

Andrew Lawson - Both Guitars, Lead Vocals, Mandolin, Harmonica, Bass, Keyboard.
Sean McFarland - Harmony/Backing Vocals, Alto/Tenor Saxophone, Melodica, Tambourine.
Rachell Ednie - Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitar, Tambourine.
Spencer Turner - Drumset, Shaker Egg, Guiro, Cajon, Bongos.
Tracy Michaels - Trumpet.

Additional Musicians:
Rachel McFarland - Vocals on Art Nerds and Scratching.
Aaron Cooler - Trombone on Scratching and Angst.

Most songs written by Andrew Lawson with a bit of input from Sean McFarland with the exception of Be(U)Rt whose lyrics are by Brandon Sosebee and music by Not a Piñata.



all rights reserved


Ye Flask Canton, Georgia

Founded in 2011, Ye Flask has been breaking ground all around Atlanta with their eclectic mix of indie rock, 90s alternative, funk, and ska. They're currently currently recording their debut album "Daydreams and Nightmares" which is due for release at the end of 2014. ... more

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Track Name: Scratching
(Note, the lyrics to this song are different now, but here's the lyrics to this particular recording!)

Scratching away at my years to come,
Don't know where I'm going next
Just need to find my place, in the greater scheme of things
Sooner, better than later

Too many grey hairs already,
Stressed my way through too many days


Yeah, I'm just a young kid, with too much time on my hands
Thinking without doing very much
'Cause those movies lie to you
Not gonna find your place so easily, no

Made plenty of decisions I'm not proud of,
Not too late to fix them
Just feels like I'm staying put
With everyone else going around me faster, faster

Already started to feel old and jaded
To everything I looked forward too


Trying too hard to grow up
'Cause I panic when I don't know what to do
And I don't understand why I do anything
I guess I just don't know what to say

Not fair for me to hear your whining
It's your fault anyway

Want you to know you're my favorite consolant
And I don't want that to change

Track Name: Art Nerds
Creating her better world,
That's what she'll do
Lines drawing her better view,
Into the night
I don't have anything better to do
Write a song, and ride a bike,
I don't care

I don't want to be the one that blinks first
In our staring contest
But if I'm always there
You'll be the first to walk away

Muses come and muses go
But being alone inspires too
Secondary pallet and minor key
Slouched shoulders and slow tempos
Feeling judged as people for what we created
If were blind and you went deaf
This could all be easier then


Longer I stare,
The more I wonder "why?"
And I always want to see those lines
And your better view

Creating her better world,
That's what she'll do
Lines drawing her better view
As the song fades away..
Track Name: Bad Scene
30 people in a room
28 too many
30 people in aroom
1 is all he needs

And when he found her he lead her out

"What're you doing?"
I know what I'm doing and I'll be alright
"You know this won't end well for you"
I don't care, I'll be fine

And he asked himself, "what's wrong with me?"
Nothings wrong with me, I'm just setting myself up to fail
Nothing new here, just doing what I know

1 person in a room
1 person short
1 person in a room....


"Just go home."
I'll be fine